Setting up database using DTP (Data Tools Platform)

Create a project:

Use the wizard:

The generated UML file opens once the reverse is done.

New in version 0.1.0.

The Reverse database to UML Wizzard bootstraps a default configuration file. This configuration file allows you to manage data types and stereotype. If the file already exist inside your project it won't be erased and your setting will be in effect when re-using the wizard.

The configuration file can be opened with the Sample Ecore Model editor. Right click on default.ecore choose Open with --> Other... --> Sample Ecore Model Editor.
Example of default.ecore's file: Sample Ecore Model Editor

By default there is an UML profile and UML datatypes referenced as examples. The idea is to reference your own profiles here.

Important: In your stereotype profile you must at least two stereotypes: entity and identifier. This is a current limitation, I'll intend to provide mapping for stereotype later on.

There is three ways of refencing profiles:

To map datatype, you need to create Mapping elements. The From property represents the SQL Type and the To property reprensents the corresponding type in your dataype profile.

For example: From:INT4  To:Integer
Datatype mapping
Would correspond to:
Datatype in DTP

If you encounter any problem please leave a post on the forum

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