Database To UML reverse database schema from an existing relational JDBC database compliant to UML2.x classes. By discovering database schema's, tables and fields are reversed to classes and attributes, constraints are reversed to associations, and tables composed only of foreign keys are converted to many to many associations.

The main idea is to reuse the reversed model into a generator taking UML2.x (EMF XMI 2.0/2.1) models as an entry.

Requirements: 3.4.x Modelling tools MDT and up, UML2.0 & Data Tools Platform


Here's a quick list of some of the features of this software:

Tested on Eclipse Galileo

DatabaseToUML plug-ins are compatible with the latest version of Eclipse Galileo. However before moving on to Galileo you should test other third party tools (you might use) for EMF UML compatibility reasons.